Frank | 17 | White Cishet Male | INTP | I like to listen to lots and lots of music and I make industrial metal, gabber, ebm, power electronics, harsh noise, and anything else that hurts to listen to. I also circuit bend toy keyboards.


Hey everyone!

Collected Aural Detriments, a series of collaborative albums consisting of drone, noise, and power electronics artists, just released its fifth volume, and I’m featured here as track #2! Please give the whole album a listen, it features a ton of great, talented artists!!!

I have an album thingy out.

It’s drum & bass/breakcore influenced stuff, but made using a drum machine program so I guess it counts as “experimental.”

Also, the cover art was drawn by Merps so huge thanks to them.

My finished modifications for my Manley Techno-Beat Keyboard.

  • The lower left switch+pots makes an oscillating wave (either a square or a saw I think)
  • The upper left switch+pot makes a squeaky highpass filter for the keyboard when combined with the oscillator
  • The switch next to the power switch makes distortion
  • The two switches on the right trigger random keyboard hits; the upper one makes lots of fast notes/drum hits, and the lower one makes a single droning note

The keys got a little fucked up so it’s hard to use this like a normal keyboard, but the oscillator is quite reliable and it’s easy to pump out some chaotic noises with this thing. Overall, I’m happy with it for a first project.

Debut single from my side project, La Par Funk!

Breakcore made exclusively using a drum machine. There’s also a remix that’s built around a breakbeat sample.

This is my first time making a track using Hydrogen, which means that every single sound in this song is a drum sample. Now I gotta learn to use a tracker…

I made some sort of music thing.

I don’t know my metal subgenres because I’m not a useless piece of trash so I’ll just say its grindy thrash metal.


Tracks range from industrial metal to gabber to breakcore to industrial hip hop, but everything is LOUD and PROBABLY PISSED OFF.

This track, which is the last song on the album, is sort of a more traditional hard rock/thrash metal-ish thing. I don’t really know but the main riff reminds me off System Of A Down, just not as good.

Please give it a listen and if you like anything on here feel free to reblog bc people listening to my music gives me the feels.

Hardcore/Gabber track I made because the internet was down.